Warm Fuzzies


I just read this blog post and had my own warm fuzzy flood of nostalgia from teaching microbiology over the last year (pun intended).  Oh, the pace of teaching.  It’s such a brutal sort of job in one way, but such a rewarding one in ways that are particular to every person who walks into your classroom.  It is wonderful to feel like you are impacting people by offering them some skill set that they need(though they may not always realize or appreciate it at the time).  Those camio moments of teaching remind me of camio moments in the autumn every year.  I know the leaves will change and I watch the gradual progression over many days, but one day the cumulative effect is especially striking.  The beauty of the colors, aflame with the afternoon light around 4 catches my eye and then a part of me rests in knowing the season.  I suppose it is similar in the transition of relationships with students and the pace of education; the cumulative effect is striking. 

It’s wonderful that though life changes so often and never seems to settle long in one attitude, we can carry the memory of each camio, tied on a string of pearls.

I’m having a moment of thankfulness for the friendships in my life.  Over the last year I’ve met some pretty wonderful people (most through my roommate), who I would not ordinarily have known.  I feel beter for knowing them. 

Anyway…that’s my brain for now.


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